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About PAL

For Patients: Each and every practice has achieved the highest level of Patient-Centered Medical Home designation, an indication of our intense dedication to the health and welfare of our patients. Our offices are well-established cornerstones of the community, featuring long-term relationships between doctors and patients, supplemented by the best advanced technical tools. Find doctors who are invested in your health. Call one of our practices today!

For Physicians: The structure of PAL is unique in Pennsylvania. Our practices maintain our unique clinical and cultural identities and are responsible for our own financial success. Physicians guide and lead the organization, an important contrast with competing hospital systems. The strength in our numbers is critical to survival in today’s healthcare are landscape. Interested? Contact us for details on how to join PAL.

For Insurers: PAL represents the most cost-effective alternative to larger and more expensive hospital systems. Our unique structure has allowed us to achieve Meaningful Use and Level 3 PCMH (2011 Criteria) faster and more efficiently than anyone else in the community. We give excellent care with focus on national quality benchmarks that lower costs and improve outcomes. Find out how to help us fight bloated hospital system costs and improve the health of our patients.

Non-physician Health Care Professionals and Potential Staff: Our practices have low staff turnover and high satisfaction. Our staff feel empowered working in a physician owned practice and they take a team approach by working closely with the physicians to provide Patient-Centered care.  Contact us if you are interested in joining our team.