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Patient Education/Tools



Facts About ADHD
General ADHD Info



American Lung Association
Asthma Handout
Peak Flow Log


Baby Care:

Infant Constipation
Switching Your Baby to Solid Foods


Bell’s Palsy:

About Bell’s Palsy


Blood Pressure:

Blood Pressure Tracker
Dash Diet
Hypertension – Basic Information






Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)
Managing Eczema
Moisturizers for Eczema



Diabetes Resources Page



Daily Meal Planning Guide for Diabetics and Everyone
Discovering the Plate Method
Dr. Westgate’s Weight Loss Regimen
Eating Disorders
Food Journal
Overweight and Obesity
SuperSized Kids
What is a Healthy Body Weight?



High Fiber Diet
Irritable Bowel Syndrome


General Patient Education:

American Academy of Family Physicians
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – including Travel Health
Health & Human Services of Lancaster County
National Institutes of Health





Heart Health:

Atrial Fibrillation
Eating Less Sodium Is an Important Part of Your Heart Failure Treatment
Heart Disease


Joints and Muscles:

Achilles Tendonitis
Osgood-Schlatter Disease
RICE Therapy



What to Avoid to Help Your Kidneys


Men’s Health:



Mental/Emotional Health:

Good Self-Help Books
Progressive Muscle relaxation
Therapy Education Sheet
What is Depression?
What is Hyponatremia?



Mindfulness – What is it?
Why Mindfulness is a Superpower: An Animation


Pain Management:

Acute Back Pain Handout
Chronic Back Pain Handout
Back Pain Video


Sick Care:

You Have a Miserable Cold


Sleep Health:

Getting a Good Night of Sleep


Tobacco Use:

Quit Smoking
Smoking Cessation



Gardasil for Cervical Cancer Prevention
Shingles and ZOSTAVAX Information
Immunization Action Coalition
National Immunization Program
Vaccine Education Center


Wellness Visits:

Advance Health Care Directive
Colorectal Cancer Fact Sheet
Do You Want a PSA TEST?


Women’s Health:

Daily Exercises to Minimize Back Pain During Pregnancy
Exercising Your Pelvic Muscles
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Urinary Incontinence In Women


Wound Care:

Care of Your Skin After Your Procedure


Health Care Access


FollowMyHealth Patient Portal:

How to Schedule an Appointment
How to Send a Message to Your Provider
How to Request a Medication Refill


Health Tracking Logs:

Exercise Log
Food Diary
Headache Diary
Symptom Diary


Other Health Education Websites:

Diabetes Education
Diseases Simply Put
Easy to Read Health Information
Hamilton Health Patient Education Library
Virtual Hospital at University of Iowa


Cost Savings:



Search for the best prices for your medications at local pharmacies.






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